Village Stalls

One of the ways we raise funds at the fete is by selling donated goods, or giving them as tombola prizes. You may have visited our fete before and seen our village stalls selling books, china and glass, scarves, handbags, toys and gifts, etc., and met the volunteers who man them. Maybe you won a bottle of something!

Traditionally we have collected donations by means of a door-to-door collection around the village in the weeks leading up to the fete, and we continue to do this, but we appreciate that the times when our volunteers are able to make the collection don’t always match with the times that you are able to be at home to hand over your contribution. Also, we’re sure that there must be people who live further afield who would be happy to make a donation, but until now we have had no easy way to make contact.

So if you have anything that you no longer need or want, but which is of good quality and in a good enough condition that someone would be willing to buy it, please help us reach our fund-raising target by completing the form below, and we’ll work out a way to accept your donation.

This year we have quite a lot of stuff left over from last year, so we are mainly looking for children’s toys and bottles for the bottle stall.