Sherfield Fête needs you!

‘One of the best fetes in the area’ – we don’t want to lose it!

Classic cars at the fete

2016 was another fun fête day and raised over £9,000 for our various causes: Friends of PICU (our nominated regional charity); Sherfield Village Hall, St Leonard’s church and other village charities.

The fête is put together by a group of volunteer committee members who meet around once a month to plan each year’s event. Every year is different, with new arena acts, varied stalls, musical entertainment etc., so every year we have to plan the entire fête anew.

Times change, people move on and ‘none of us are getting any younger’ so we are always looking for more people to join our team and help out. If you have ideas to share and enthusiasm to get involved; if you have skills that may be useful, whether in social media, booking acts, site planning, book keeping, general organising, or practical abilities – we welcome any offers of assistance.

Equally if you can help with a smaller area of responsibility but would prefer not to attend all the meetings, please let us know. We want to keep our fête running and with more people helping out it will be much easier.

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